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    Version 2.7.6
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    PsychBook CMS Version 2.7.6
    September 28th, 2015
    [new] Transactions can now be duplicated by right-clicking on the transaction and choosing the Duplicate command.
    [new] PsychBook now supports ICD-10/DSM-5 diagnoses (see the online video tutorial for instructions).
    [new] The small calendar window has been replaced with a full Calendar tab where you can add notes to appointments, edit notes, and change times for upcoming appointments.
    [new] The Calendar tab has view options so that you can show/hide 'pencilled-in' sessions and also historic/completed sessions.
    [new] An ICD-9 to ICD-10 crosswalk tool has been added to the Tools submenu of the Data menu. This can be used to automatically map existing diagnoses to ICD-10 compliant versions.
    [new] The diagnosis list picker now has a filter field that can be used to quickly show specific diagnoses.
    [new] The diagnosis tab for each client now has a contextual menu action (right-click) to convert a single ICD-9 diagnosis to ICD-10.
    [new] Claims now fully support ICD-10 codes, if selected.
    [new] Diagnosis, intake, and superbill prints now support ICD-10 codes.

    [chg] When opening a Transaction window, the month field is now selected by default as opposed to no field.
    [chg] When creating or editing a session, the diagnoses popup now only shows diagnoses that were available for that session date (i.e., diagnoses that are dated before the session and not afterward).

    [fix] When printing claims, leading zeros in the claim number are no longer stripped off.
    [fix] Clicking cancel in the diagnosis list window no longer clears any existing diagnosis from the field.

    PsychBook CMS Version 2.6.0
    March 13th, 2015
    [new] Extra error-checking when printing claims have been added so that PsychBook will print the claim correctly if a diagnosis is entered as not expected (e.g., with an extra space, etc.).
    [fix] (Macintosh) Calendar windows, save progress window, and weekly schedule window no longer get hidden by the main window when the main window is clicked.
    [fix] (Macintosh) Text fields with menus (like the description field in the Transaction Window) will no longer close their parent window when the return key is pressed.
    [fix] (Macintosh) Command-A to select all text now works in note and intake fields.
    [fix] Automatic setting of the AM/PM value now works in Edit Meeting window.
    [fix] Menus that allow you to select an insurer (e.g., payment windows) now only list the insurer once even if they have multiple plan names.
    [fix] The Print Client Information menu option (in the File menu) now works as it should.
    [fix] Batch file claims no longer have extraneous information in the insurer address section if those lines are spaced out from left as set in the Preferences/Settings window.
    [fix] When printing 02/12 version CMS-1500 claim forms with Medicare as primary and a third-party secondary insurance, field 9b is now blank as specified by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

    [fix] If a claim is printed for a client that has a secondary insurer and no address has been entered for that secondary insurer, field 9c is no blank as opposed to having a solitary ",".
    [fix] Field 23 for prior authorization numbers on the CMS-1500 (02/12) form no longer cuts off longer numbers.
    [fix] The client discharge functions have been reworked to address a bug that would make the discharge fail for some users. Additionally, more error checking has been implemented to help prevent accidental loss of information.

    [fix] Multi-page client bills now print beyond page one.

    PsychBook CMS Version 2.5.1
    April 21st, 2014
    [fix] (Macintosh) Corrected a printing issue during some printing conditions where lines would occasionally overlap on notes that were created with version 2.5.0.
    [fix] (Macintosh) Claim forms no longer generate an error when printing to paper.
    [fix] PsychBook no longer crashes when clicking the “Check Spelling” button in the Intake window.
    [fix] The “Apply to Client Responsibility" checkbox in the Transaction and Adjustment windows no longer periodically fail to respond to mouse clicks.
    [fix] When setting the first session in the Authorization window the AM/PM menu now auto-sets like in the Session window.

    PsychBook CMS Version 2.5.0
    March 28th, 2014
    [new] The discharge client action now has a progress bar.
    [new] Inline spell-checking on OS X now uses the native spelling engine (including grammar).
    [new] The AM/PM pop-up of the session note window now automatically adjusts depending on the hour typed into the time field.
    [new] Added support for the updated 1500 claim form (02/12). The claim form defaults to this version, but can be changed in the Preferences/Settings window.
    [new] There is now an option in the Insurer tab of the Preferences/Settings window to include client payments on claims (subsequent balance on 1500 form 08/05 only).
    [new] There is now an option in the Insurer tab of the Preferences/Settings window to adjust the amount of space on the left of the insurer address on claim forms.
    [new] The Locations tab (in the Preferences/Settings window) now allows for multiple service locations to quickly change between different office areas.
    [new] The stand-alone diagnosis and treatment plan sheets now print the current date have an area for a signature.
    [new] Basic client contact and insurance information can now be printed using the “Client Information” option in the Print menu.
    [new] Basic client contact and insurance information can now be exported by using the “Client Information” option in the Data menu.
    [new] There is now an option in the General tab of the Preferences/Settings window to turn set client name 'scrambling' on or off when PsychBook starts up.

    [chg] (Windows) Some extraneous words (primarily profanity) were removed from the spelling dictionary.
    [chg] Some minor interface changes to support new operating system releases.
    [chg] (Macintosh) updated core code to fully support OSX.
    [chg] The small arrow for the daily calendar has been removed, you can now simply click on the date to show the date picker.

    [fix] Searches with the insurer “paid” filter now correctly returns results.
    [fix] The reset text defaults button in the Preferences/Settings window now displays the correct warning and works properly.
    [fix] CPT codes in Preferences/Settings window can now be re-ordered by click and drag. A double-click is now required to edit a cell.
    [fix] The third field in the Session window (if shown) now displays the correct field title if changed in the default strings (used to always say "Plan").
    [fix] Sorting by the time column in meetings now sorts AM/PM correctly.
    [fix] Pressing the Escape key in windows that contain a “Check Spelling…” button no longer brings up the spelling window and instead presses the Cancel button as it should.

    PsychBook CMS Version 2.3.5
    April 19th, 2013
    [new] A "Client Bills" menu command has been added to the Print menu. This command prints bills for all clients with an outstanding balance without having to use the Search tab first.
    [new] The Client Bill action in the Results List now has two options. One prints only the selected notes on a bill with any amounts that have been applied to them (the behavior of previous versions). The other prints all sessions within the range of selected notes and includes a "Previous Balance" amount so that you can bill for the total amount due until the selected end date.
    [new] (Windows) PsychBook now remembers the maximized state of the main window, if it is set.

    [chg] The Client "-" button now has options for discharge OR delete in order to help prevent accidental deletions.

    [fix] Running a spell check on a progress note no longer replaces the Impression box text with the text from note field three ("Plan" field, by default).
    [fix] The Client Discharge window should no longer periodically open following the reactivation of a client.
    [fix] The Registration Diagnostics no longer fails if a user does not have adequate permissions to their system's shared application folder.
    [fix] PsychBook no longer crashes if sorting the results list by insurer and then using an action.
    [fix] The total amount due on client bills now correctly indicates a negative balance, if one exists.
    [fix] Window size and position is now saved before quitting.
    [fix] When adding or editing a transaction, blank entries are no longer accidentally added into the drop-down menu of available payment sources.
    [fix] When editing a transaction, the available payment sources are now listed correctly in the drop-down menu.
    [fix] (Windows) When adding a new transaction, the 'select all' checkboxes for the write-off columns now align properly with the column.
    [fix] When entering payments and adjustments, an error message is now generated if the amount is zero.
    [fix] (Macintosh) The header icons in the Sessions list should now appear consistently.

    PsychBook CMS Version 2.3.0
    February 25th, 2013
    [new] Client bills can now be printed for an individual client simply by right-clicking on the client name and choosing that option.

    [chg] Client bills are now formatted in way that makes it easier to understand payments that have been applied.
    [chg] The Print menu now has multiple options to make it more clear what is being selected to print.

    [fix] The Results List no longer changes its sort direction or column following commands from the Actions button.
    [fix] (Windows) Corrected an interface problems in the Registration diagnostics window.
    [fix] Resolved an issue where PsychBook would crash in rare circumstances when trying to reactivate a discharged client.
    [fix] A vertical scrollbar now appears in the Services List (of the Preferences/Settings window) when necessary.
    [fix] PsychBook no longer prints "DEMO" on client bills, intakes, and superbills if your subscription has expired, but you're still using a valid version for your previous subscription code.
    [fix] The signature field for the client bills, notes, and superbills is now wider so that longer names are not truncated.
    [fix] PsychBook's autosave feature no longer interrupts if the autosave happens while reactivating a discharged client.
    [fix] Corrected a visual bug that would make the calendar pop-up triangle disappear (next to the main date) with some dates.
    [fix] "Interpersonal Difficulties" and "Obsession/Compulsion"from the intake symptom checklist now appear as checked on the printed intake if selected.
    [fix] Using the clear subscription data option in license window now correctly resets the license buttons to "Activate".
    [fix] Creating a new file in the data source window now correctly defaults the file name to "PsychBook client file".
    [fix] Adding a transaction adjustment now correctly sets the file as unsaved and will prompt for saving when quitting PsychBook.
    [fix] Search results using the "client paid" filter now return correct results.

    PsychBook CMS Version 2.2.0
    November 30th, 2012
    [fix] (Macintosh) The auto-update installer should now be able to complete the update process more reliably (starting with *this* release).
    [fix] The auto-update installer will now quit automatically should the 'manual download' option be chosen.
    [fix] Printing from the Search results list no longer restarts the original search.
    [fix] Printing from the Search results lists no longer changes the sorted column in the list.
    [fix] A few spelling corrections in the default MSE descriptions and ICD-9 list.
    [fix] Authorizations in the pop-up menu of the Session window are now properly sorted by the start date of the authorization.
    [fix] If the option to update unbilled sessions is chosen after changing a client's primary insurer, the copay for those sessions is now changed to the updated amount.
    [fix] The Reactivate window no longer sometimes enters a blank line entry.

    [new] Recurring meetings can now be set for Saturdays and Sundays
    [new] Date and time validation has been added to the Session window in order to catch incorrectly added dates.
    [new] Date and time validation has been added to the Meetings window in order to catch incorrectly added dates.
    [new] Treatment plans and Diagnoses can now be printed individually and separately from intakes.
    [new] Opening the Preferences/Settings window now shows a wait cursor in case there is a delay due to the number of insurers to gather.
    [new] Discharge and Reactivation now show a progress window in case there is a delay due to the number of discharged clients to gather.
    [new] The Reactivate window now shows more information about the discharged client (e.g., last session date).
    [new] A new checkmark at the top of the write-off columns in the Transaction window allows for the writing-off of all visible sessions in one click.
    [new] Right-clicking on a session in the Sessions list now has the option to quickly move the session to another authorization.
    [new] You can now edit the PsychBook default strings (MSE descriptions, etc.) in the Preference/Settings window.
    [new] Phone fields now auto-format the number to save time.
    [new] Support added for multi-year subscriptions.

    [chg] PsychBook now defaults to not activating for all users on the computer. If this setting is desired, it will have to manually be set in the Preferences/Settings window.
    [chg] When printing from the Search results list, time and financial columns are now right aligned for legibility.
    [chg] The "Client Bill Note" field in the Preference/Settings window has been removed as it is now editable in the "Defaults" section of the same window.

    PsychBook CMS Version 2.1.7
    July 10th, 2012
    [fix] When printing a client bill that contains transactions that are greater than $999, PsychBook now calculates the total due correctly.
    [fix] When using a version that your subscription supports (i.e., came out before your subscription ended), PsychBook no longer goes into demo mode after the subscription end date.

    PsychBook CMS Version 2.1.6
    April 23rd, 2012
    [fix] Corrected an error that would make PsychBook unexpectedly quit when clicking the empty entry at the bottom of the Settings/Preferences diagnosis list.
    [fix] Corrected an error that would make PsychBook unexpectedly quit when double-clicking a note entry in the Search Results list.
    [fix] (Windows) The main window's small calendar pop-up window now shows at the correct position rather than being lower than it should.
    [fix] (Windows) The weekly schedule pop-up window now shows at the correct position rather than being lower than it should.
    [fix] (Windows) Printed lists of transaction and note/session records now have correct margins.
    [fix] Search result lists (transaction and note/session) now align currency columns by decimal.
    [fix] Adjustments in the transaction search result list now correctly reflect whether they are a credit or charge.
    [fix] (Windows) The auto-updater should no longer crash PsychBook if the update should fail for some reason.

    PsychBook CMS Version 2.1.5
    April 16th, 2012
    [fix] Corrected an error that would make PsychBook unexpectedly quit after changing the local file Data Source.
    [fix] Outstanding session amounts in the Add/Edit Transactions window now sort in correct order.
    [fix] Editing the diagnosis list in the preferences no longer affects the proper loading of diagnoses when opening the Diagnosis window.
    [fix] Amount columns in the Transaction window now align by decimal.
    [fix] The "Email Report" button on the Registration Diagnostics utility should work in more instances now.
    [fix] License Manager window text fields should now enable themselves properly when deactivating registration codes.
    [fix] Additional error handling options were added to try to prevent PsychBook reverting to demo mode when system errors occur.

    [new] Update available window now has more information (including change list and whether or not that version is covered by a user's current subscription). This won't be evident until the next update.
    [new] Some new error-correcting options have been added to help users when having registration problems.
    [new] A reset button has been added above the ICD list in the Preferences/Settings window. Clicking this will reset the list to default values.
    [new] Numerous internal changes to connect and work with PsychBook Administrator. PLEASE let us know if you find any bugs that were introduced by these changes!

    PsychBook CMS Version 2.1.0
    January 29th, 2012
    [fix] Dollar amounts in the batch-add Transactions Window are now preceded by the dollar sign as they should be.
    [fix] Double-clicking on file documents now opens the correct document (as opposed to erroneously just the first one it finds).
    [fix] Corrected an error in the license validation that could lead to PsychBook incorrectly reverting to demo mode in some circumstances.
    [fix] Client, Diagnosis, Intake, Note, Transaction, Adjustment, and To-Do windows now show up as sheet windows on Macintosh.

    [new] A new menu command (in the Maintenance sub-menu) "Validate Linked Files" can be used to remove outdated linked document files (this will only have to be used in rare conditions).
    [new] Codes and descriptions for the default diagnosis list (ICD9) can now be edited directly in the Settings/Preferences Window.
    [new] Clients can now have multiple sessions per day.
    [new] Diagnostic tool added into Help menu to help with occasional registration problems.

    PsychBook CMS Version 2.0.6
    September 20th, 2011
    [fix] Really, really resolved an issue that would cause PsychBook to crash if a claim was printed for an insurer that did not exist in the insurer list (sorry, we missed this the first time through).
    [fix] Resolved an issue with some systems that would prevent PsychBook from saving when there was no previous save file.

    PsychBook CMS Version 2.0.5
    September 07th, 2011
    [fix] Resolved an issue that would cause PsychBook to crash if a claim was printed for an insurer that did not exist in the insurer list.
    [fix] WINDOWS: Fixed an issue with the automatic updater (won't work until the next update).
    [fix] Resolved an issue where PsychBook would incorrectly revert to demo mode when it couldn't contact the registration servers (i.e., no internet access).

    PsychBook CMS Version 2.0.1
    August 27th, 2011
    [fix] Resolved an issue that would prevent PsychBook from starting up on system that had never had a previous installation of PsychBook.

    PsychBook CMS Version 2.0
    August 26th, 2011
    [fix] A location email address entered into the Preferences/Options no longer gets lost when closing the window.
    [fix] PsychBook no longer crashes when closing the warning window (double-click on warning in Notes list) while warnings are loading.
    [fix] An issue where hitting the cancel button for a client discharge could sometimes still go through with the discharge has been corrected.
    [fix] The date validation method for the authorization window has been changed in order to accommodate systems that are set to use a date format other than Month/Day/Year.
    [fix] Pressing tab in the releases list of the client window now moves to the next column.
    [fix] Treatment plans with multiple symptoms and interventions now show the correct text. If you continue to experience problems, you may have to recreate the treatment plan.
    [fix] Clients without a client code now discharge without an error.
    [fix] The client list in the reactivation window now sorts automatically by last name when opened.
    [fix] The return/enter key no longer initiates inappropriate behavior if pressed at the startup screen when no buttons were visible.

    [chg] Greyed-out text for completed notes is now a darker grey for legibility.
    [chg] To avoid continued confusion with session notes, the header for the "Notes" list (lower left of the main screen) has been changed to "Messages".

    [new] Multiple internal changes to work with the PsychBook Administrator application for a server/client workflow with group practices.
    [new] A toolbar at the top of the window has been created to give a single point of access for commonly used items.
    [new] Some minor interface changes.
    [new] The insurer window now has some capacity to customize claim options in order to accommodate the needs of specific insurers.
    [new] "Credit card" has been added to the list of available identifier options in the transaction windows.
    [new] Creating a self-pay authorization now automatically adds in "Self-Pay" to the authorization description.
    [new] An option has been added to the Settings window for users to bypass a shared system registration as some users have had problems with this set-up (i.e., having to re-register on each start-up).
    [new] PsychBook now has a more redundant system when writing client records and discharge records in order to minimize problems with disc or system errors.
    [new] A claim option has been added in Insurers window to specify the insurance type (Medicare, Medicaid, etc.) this allows for PsychBook to better automate some differences in claim filing. This value defaults to "other" so for non-HMO/PPO/private insurers, you will have to edit them in the Settings/Preferences window and set the appropriate option.
    [new] A subscription option has been added into the help menu in order to extend a user's upgrade plan.
    [new] A built-in updater has been added to automatically install future releases.

    PsychBook CMS Version 1.5.1
    April 11th, 2011
    [fix] Fixed an error with the autosave feature where it could get stuck in a continual save loop.

    PsychBook CMS Version 1.5
    April 10th, 2011
    [fix] Phone numbers entered with dashes after area code now print correctly on all forms.
    [fix] Sessions, document, and transaction info now displays automatically after reactivating clients (previously you would have to click on their name to load it).
    [fix] Deleting a client now removes any attached treatment plans (as one would expect).
    [fix] (Windows) A display issue where the first line of text was cut off in the manual activate dialog has been corrected.
    [fix] The "Reactivate" button in the Reactivate Client window is now disabled unless a selection is made (as it should be).
    [fix] (Windows) Progress note scroll bars in the Session window now work after a note is marked as completed.
    [fix] PsychBook now enters the correct charge in the Total Charges amount field of the session window should the rate entered for the CPT code contain a non-numeric character (i.e., a dollar sign).
    [fix] The total billed amount on CMS-1500 forms (field 28) now correctly includes the cents portion of charges when tallying the total charge.
    [fix] Printed or electronic billing forms now correctly indicate the insured's gender when using secondary insurance.

    [chg] The "New" and "Open" menu items have been removed in order to accommodate the new "Data Source" functionality (see below).
    [chg] Unless specifically changed in the Data Source window, PsychBook now defaults to saving data to the file "PsychBook client file" in the users Documents folder.
    [chg] PsychBook activation now works for all user accounts on an activated computer.
    [chg] The length of the treatment plan page has been lengthened to accommodate long plans.
    [chg] The address area of the client bill has been repositioned in order to fit better into #9 and #10 USPS windowed envelopes.

    [new] There is now a progress bar window that shows when saving.
    [new] Added the new menu command "Data Source" used to set the location of the file that PsychBook attempts to open at startup.
    [new] Added an option in the Data Source window to connect with a remote server in order to accommodate the PsychBook Administrator server application (available soon).
    [new] Discharging a client now provides the option to replace any older data found for that client (previous behavior) or to merge current data with any old data.
    [new] There is now an option in the Preferences window to enter the therapist's license number.
    [new] PsychBook now has the option to print a "superbill" for therapists who do not accept insurance payments. This bill can be printed by right-clicking (Command-clicking on Macintosh) on the session and choosing the Superbill option.
    [new] In order to accommodate limitations with some clearinghouse vendors, two "Electronic Billing" options have been added to the Insurers tab of the Preferences/Options Window. These adjust the end-of-line character for the batch file and the number of lines between each claim. In most cases, however, these will not have to be adjusted.

    PsychBook CMS Version 1.2.5
    December 21st, 2010
    [fix] Trying to create an insurer policy for a client, when no default insurers have been entered, no longer crashes PsychBook.
    [fix] When there are no selected items in the warnings/notes list, the delete button now disables itself as it should.
    [fix] A meaningless message box that popped-up when saving an edited meeting, mistakenly introduced in the last version development, has been removed.
    [fix] Items without any payment, but written off, now display the correct write-off amount in the "financial" columns of the search results box (showed as "n/a" before).

    [new] In order to help with record-keeping and accounting, a new search-tab action "Export" is available to allow saving session or transaction search results to a tab-delimited file.

    PsychBook CMS Version 1.2.0
    November 1st, 2010
    [fix] Macintosh: Frequency pop-up in the client window now chooses correct menu item with inactive clients.
    [fix] Selecting the weekly schedule view when there are no notes or authorizations no longer crashes PsychBook.
    [fix] May have corrected an issue where some users have had PsychBook hang at the start-up screen when first opened (unfortunately, we haven't been able to reproduce this problem in our testing).
    [fix] Editing one-time or recurring meetings no longer keeps the old meeting in the list.
    [fix] No-show or cancelled sessions are no longer included when billing insurers on a printed or electronic CMS-1500 claim form.
    [fix] Payments entered when there are no client sessions are now correctly saved as credit on the client's account.
    [fix] The insurer list in the add/edit authorization window only lists insurer names once even if there are multiple plans in the main insurer list.
    [fix] Using the weekly schedule view to set a conflicting appointment in the session window should no longer occasionally set a wrong appointment.
    [fix] Printing a list of records in the search tab, grouped by insurer, no longer crashes PsychBook.

    [new] Entries in the insurers list of the preference window now have the option of being duplicated by contextual menu (right-click on Windows/control-click on Macintosh).
    [new] The Notes list can now have color labels, assigned through a contextual menu, in order to highlight items.
    [new] In order to help with record-keeping, selected transactions displayed in the search tab can now be printed.

    PsychBook CMS Version 1.1.5
    July 02nd, 2010
    [fix] Editing old or creating new intakes no longer contains duplicated text from previously edited intakes.
    [fix] Duplicating a diagnosis using the contextual menu (control-click, right-click) no longer crashes PsychBook.
    [fix] The notes field of the MSE is now included when printing a session note.
    [fix] The thought process and thought content labels of the MSE no longer get clipped when printing a session note.
    [fix] Editing a session note that has an MSE note with line returns no longer introduces odd characters into the note field.
    [fix] Slow animation when adding an appointment in the schedule view has been improved.
    [fix] Adding the next session in the schedule view no longer periodically "beeps" and prevents appointment selection.

    [chg] Setting a new appointment as cancelled now removes the appointment from the schedule view (so that you can schedule another client into that slot).

    [new] PsychBook CMS now has an option to automatically check for updates on start-up. This defaults to 'true' and can be changed in the options/preferences window.

    PsychBook CMS Version 1.1.0
    June 16th, 2010
    [fix] Printing a progress note that does not have "include MSE in note" now excludes the MSE labels on the print like it should.
    [fix] (Windows platform) Entering amounts in the "Apply" columns of the transactions window now updates the remaining payment allowance.
    [fix] New sessions for self-pay clients now have the correct client contribution amount set upon creation (it used to be blank).
    [fix] Corrected an error in the transactions window that would sometimes create problems with a total amount of "-$0.00".
    [fix] Corrected an error that would sometimes cause PsychBook to crash when saving a new intake.
    [fix] The document list now sorts all items correctly by date.
    [fix] The identifier column of the payment list in the session window now displays as they should when reopening a saved session (was blank).
    [fix] Sessions that are marked as self-pay are no longer included in the "unbilled" tally at the bottom of the transactions list.
    [fix] Corrected an error when adding sessions for clients with multiple authorizations where the most current authorization would sometimes not be selected by default.

    [chg] The "update" button in the "check for updates" window now goes directly to the update download, rather than to the main PsychBook CMS web page.

    [new] Weekly schedule view has been expanded to accommodate evening hours.
    [new] A number of changes have been made for more complete HIPAA compliance. Progress notes now print with a "Completed On" date, as well as a "Printed On" date; the delete option for the session log has been removed; session notes cannot be changed after being marked as "completed"; and changes to session notes are now logged.
    [new] Adding sessions to authorizations that have expired or have no more approved sessions will now generate a warning that states such.
    [new] The date selector for the session window is now the weekly schedule view instead of a generic calendar. Clicking on a time will automatically input the date and time into the next session fields.
    [new] A new option in the preferences/options window allows one to toggle between showing all historic appointments in the scheduler or only the most recent one (previously defaulted to only most recent).

    PsychBook CMS Version 1.0.5
    April 3rd, 2010
    [fix] Payment type combo-box in payment window now keeps entered text after selecting an option from the pop-up menu.
    [fix] Corrected a problem where printing a selected intake would sometimes print the wrong intake document.
    [fix] Corrected a problem where missing information in the add payment window would sometimes crash PsychBook.
    [fix] Schedule view no longer draws inactive clients.
    [fix] Opening a new file when the search tab is showing now resets it correctly.
    [fix] Fixed a problem with editing intakes.
    [fix] Some minor interface fixes.
    [fix] Billed sessions that have been written off now are marked as checked rather than "-".
    [fix] Using the "Open" command for linked files in the document list (contextualmenu/right-click) now opens files like it should.

    [chg] Removed some discontinued menu items from the Data menu.
    [chg] Switching back to the main tab from the search tab now stops any running searches.

    [new] PsychBook CMS now has a menu item to check for program updates.
    [new] Document items (diagnosis, treatment plans, and intakes) can be duplicated using right-click (Windows) or control-click (Macintosh).