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  • NETMAP is a hardware and software asset management tool for network administrators. With NetMap, network administrators can easily visualize an overview of established network devices and have a single source of data for software licenses, system versions and login information.

    netmap_screen_01_thumbNetMap is an asset management tool that affords network administrators convenient and organized access to information about the network they manage; saving time and making the information technology process more efficient. Network administrators can view network structure, hardware and display information, storage capacity, network addresses, as well as software licenses and assignments.

    netmap_screen_03_thumbThe main window provides a visual diagram of the network where administrators can customize the layout of workstations, printers, routers/switches, or any other device they wish to inventory. Snapping to objects and moving groups of connected items allows for efficient administration and organized layouts. A background image feature can be used to arrange your layout to match actual floor plans. Lastly, the NetMap diagram provides an easy way to quickly view an established network for planning, troubleshooting, potential network efficiency issues.

    netmap_screen_07_thumbNetMap not only covers hardware and network devices, it also helps to manage available software licenses and to what workstation each license is assigned. Software serial numbers and upgrade paths are readily available for easy reference. NetMap can also help you keep track of software manufacturers, web sites, and email addresses. Never lose a license number again!

    netmap_screen_04_thumbNetMap's statistics tab presents the totals of workstations, software, and other network hardware devices. The statistics tab also allows administrators to view the total storage capacity of the network as well as the expected amount of network storage space available. Convenient pie charts visually communicate the total breakdown of storage capacity, software titles, or workstation hardware. Using the statistic tab, new purchases can be better predicted and aging assets are more readily visible to consider upgrade replacement.

    netmap_screen_06_thumbNetMap can be used to manage user requests for repairs or upgrades through a built-in messaging system. By entering the mail address for a NetMap administrator, requests from network users will appear in the NetMap messaging tab. Additionally, a notification icon will appear in the diagram tab; allowing administrators to quickly view which users have pending issues or questions.

    netmap_screen_02_thumbWhile much of the information compiled in NetMap is most easily viewed digitally, in order to assist with record keeping or communicating network asset information to others, NetMap allows report printing that summarizes the network diagram as well as the hardware and software specifics for each item on the network.

    Have a big network or want to focus your printed reports? NetMap allows you to limit the items that print in order to create reports that present only the information you want

    Download NetMap for a feature-complete demo so that you can try before purchasing a license (some limitations apply while in demo mode).

    Download package includes the NetMap application, user manual, and example files.