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    PsychBook CMS

    Version 2.7.6
    $225.00 US

    PsychBook CMS has features that rival products costing 2-3 times more (not to mention being better organized, and better looking!). From a single, clear interface it provides the capability to manage client contact information, scheduling, HIPAA compliant documentation, insurance authorizations, billing, and payments. Click any of the features below to learn more.

      Client Information
    Tools for Therapist
    Treatment Planning
    Clinical Intake
    HIPAA Compliance
    Authorization Tracking
    Paper & Electronic Billing
    Payments and Outstanding Balances

    The main tab of the client information window Managing client contact, insurance, and address information is essential for any mental health practice. PsychBook CMS is organized so that this information is readily available in one convenient location. Whether you're contacting your clients or verifying information with an insurer, using PsychBook ensures that the information you need is at your fingertips.

    The PsychBook CMS scheduling window Session scheduling is a mandatory aspect of any capable client management tool. PsychBook helps in several ways. At a single glance to the main window, professionals can see their schedule for the day, including repeating or one-time meetings or special events. Additionally, the separate PsychBook scheduling window allows therapists to view their week-at-a-glance to get a bigger picture of availability and scheduling problems. Accidentally double-booked a session slot? PsychBook helps to avoid these embarrassing mistakes by clearly highlighting conflicting appointments. To make things even easier, PsychBook highlights those clients that have missed or who have no pending appointment scheduled; truly an easy way to keep on top of a caseload, stay in touch with clients, and prevent lost income from unbooked sessions.

    PsychBook CMS notifications PsychBook CMS was written to make the job of mental health professionals easier. With that goal in mind, it provides a number of useful features to help therapists save time, manage case loads more efficiently, and stay ahead of constant demands.

    PsychBook notifications allow providers to get up-to-date information regarding overdue payments, missing documentation, "forgotten" clients, and more. Additionally, right from the main screen, PyschBook CMS users can see what clients are missing follow-up appointments as well as those clients that are getting close to the end of billable sessions. The weekly schedule view even "pencils in" future appointments so that providers can see their schedule ahead of time and avoid double-bookings. All of these features are available at a moment's notice and help to allow mental health professionals to provide the best possible service to their clients.

    Like death and taxes, documentation from mental health care providers is an unavoidable responsibility. PsychBook attempts to take some of the sting from this reality through the elimination of repetitive tasks and an organized workflow. When creating a progress note for a client session, PsychBook CMS automatically inputs the default information and allows the easy selection of required information with just a few clicks of the mouse.

    Many practice management solutions simply provide a single, empty, box for so-called 'notes'. Not here. PsychBook CMS session notes include all the features you need as a professional: separate information headings, private psychotherapy notes, mental status exam, and more.

    To work well with other applications, PsychBook allows external documents to be linked to each client's record. Using this feature, professionals can manage all of their client information in one organized and accessible place.

    The PsychBook CMS billing options windowCreating effective client treatment plans are not only a necessary element of working with managed care, but also good practice. PsychBook CMS allows professionals to create and store multiple treatment plans for each client. New plans can be created whenever clinically appropriate and can be linked to a client intake in order to provide cohesive documentation. PsychBook CMS treatment plans are based on diagnoses and include: targeted symptom(s), interventions, objectives, modality, and review dates.

    The PsychBook CMS billing options windowMany behavioral health practice management solutions offer some sort of client demographics storage, but few offer the clinical intake; even with it being so integral to a complete client chart. PsychBook CMS provides the ability to organize and store the full gamut of relevant client data: from demographics and history, to strengths, risk factors, and clinical impressions. Using PsychBook CMS to organize and store clinical data not only ensures that professionals have the documentation that is expected of them, but also encourages a client chart that helps inform decision making and treatment planning.

    PsychBook CMS provides a number of features to help ensure that the management of client information meets HIPAA standards. For starters, client files can be password protected in order to limit access from others who may be using your computer. PsychBook also uses US government-level file encryption to protect saved information. Unauthorized users attempting to view saved PsychBook information will find only meaningless data. To help even more, PsychBook provides the option to 'jumble' client names on screen in order to protect the anonymity and privacy of clients (whether from another client or even the delivery man). These steps provide capable, secure record-keeping and ease the maintenance of client confidentiality and HIPAA compliance.

    The PsychBook CMS billing options windowIn order to avoid denials and losses, tracking managed-care authorizations is a must. PsychBook CMS makes it easy to see when clients are approaching the end of authorized sessions. Just a single glance at the main screen provides all the information needed to judge whether a request for additional sessions should be made. Additionally, PsychBook CMS warnings allows professionals to quickly retrieve a list of authorizations that are close to being or already ended, either by session number or end date. Never be without an authorization again!

    The PsychBook CMS billing options windowPsychBook CMS provides billing of client sessions either through printing on standard CMS-1500 forms for mailing or by generating a digital file that can be transmitted to a clearinghouse for electronic processing and payment. Electronic billing is the wave of the future and PsychBook makes it easy: simply mark the sessions to be billed, select the billing command, and upload the file through a standard web browser. Not only is the process easy, but payments are often received in two weeks! PsychBook saves time and contributes to a healthy cash flow.

    The PsychBook CMS search results window with transaction summaryFar too often other practice management software allows outstanding sessions and co-payments to go unnoticed; that is until it's too late. PsychBook CMS provides a straight-forward and flexible system for entering payments from both insurers and clients. For ease of reference, payments are automatically reflected in the outstanding amounts for each client. Additionally, PsychBook's advanced search engine allows professionals to locate unpaid or denied sessions which can be easily billed in one batch. Missing or incomplete client co-payments can be found just as easily and multiple client invoices can be printed with just a few steps.

    * Electronic billing requires an independent account with a clearinghouse.