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    September 28th, 2015: infiniteline studios releases the 2.7.6 update to their PsychBook CMS product. PsychBook 2.7.6 provides some bug fixes, a new calendar view, as well as compatibility with ICD-10/DSM-5 for client documentation and claims. Complete release notes can viewed here.
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    PsychBook CMS logo_apple logo_windows
    A client management system for psychotherapists, counselors, psychologists, and social workers. Documentation, scheduling, billing, and more in a powerful package written for therapists... not accountants.
    NetMap logo_apple logo_windows
    A hardware and software asset management tool for network administrators. NetMap affords information technology professionals convenient and organized access to information about the networks they manage.
    MagicSpeller logo_apple logo_windows
    for REALbasic

    A full-featured, cross-platform capable, spell checker that provides REALbasic developers the capability to add a dialog-based or inline spell check system to their projects in just minutes.
    PrintBlock logo_apple logo_windows
    for REALbasic

    A visually-oriented page-layout design environment that allows REALbasic developers to reproduce printed forms and print any type of data with style and ease.
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    Looking for answers to a problem or a pre-sales question? You may be able to find many answers to your questions on our support forums. A separate forum is available for each of our software products and each includes tutorials, helpful hints, and feedback from our user community.

    If your answer can't be found on the boards, feel free to contact us at support@infiniteline.com with questions and suggestions.